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Title: Miss Scarlett's School for Boys
Author: a_respite 
Fandom: Daria
Word Count: 3200 or so
Warnings: Dubious Consent
Rating: R for bad behavior
Summary: What would it have been like if Tom had been checking out Daria during "Jane's Addition?"


Miss Scarlett's School for BoysCollapse )

Funny, funny stuff.

The last time I watched an episode of TV that was so funny I literally thought I might hyperventilate: September 24th, 1987. The show was Night Court, and four episodes plus one summer of re-runs had built up to a gag in which Harry was to put Groucho glasses on the Statue of Liberty. Seeing those Groucho glasses, I laughed for 10 straight minutes, long into whatever in the hell we watched at 10 (probably LA Law or some crap).

Tonight's Big Bang Theory was that good, except I was laughing that hard throughout the entire episode. Wow. There's a writer somewhere who knows what he or she is doing.

Title: From the fractured life of Stacy Rowe
Fandom: Daria
Length: 2500 or so
Characters: Stacy, Quinn, Upchuck, various OCs
Rating: R for disturbing imagery, frank talk of a sexual nature.
Summary: A walk through the mind of a girl who just wanted to be liked.

Stacy was a good girl...Collapse )


Liveblogging the Monday Night Sitcoms

The Monday Night Sitcoms, for those of you who don't live in the USA are as follows:

8:00 - How I Met Your Mother
8:30 - Accidentally On Purpose
9:00 - Two and a Half Men
9:30 - The Big Bang Theory

How I Met Your MotherCollapse )
Accidentally On PurposeCollapse )2.5 MenCollapse )
The Big Bang Theory.Collapse )
Final grades for the night:

How I Met Your Mother: A-
Accidentally on Purpose: B-
Two and a Half Men: D
The Big Bang Theory: B+

Whoever did it, thank you!

Yay. Someone was kind enough to nominate Scorpius Malfoy Learns Quidditch for an award. I don't know who you are, but whoever you are, thank you :) And if you'd care to make yourself known, even thank you-er!

Didja ever wonder...?

*checks out f-list* Yup. Nothing but women of the female persuasion there.

As many of you are probably bored of hearing, I'm not just involved in the Harry Potter fandom. I also subscribe to the Daria fandom - a fandom celebrating a cartoon on MTV that lasted five blissful seasons in the late-90s, before being relegated to a censored version on a made-for-teens network.

Anyway, the fandom is nearly all men. Yes, fandoms like that do exist! (for evidence of such influence within the Harry Potter fandom, I invite you to check out the Dark Lord Potter boards).

And just in case you've wondered what a nearly all-male fandom would talk about, seeing as 'ships don't tend to control the conversation, I give you the following thread:





As of about 3pm yesterday, I stopped seeing the NOM ad on ff.net. Didn't see it at home, either. But this morning at work, it's back.

It's apparently an AdSense ad, put out by Google. In the Google TOC under "Content Guidelines," Google says their ads may not contain or link to "Content related to racial intolerance or advocacy against any individual, group or organisation ". Obviously, any ad linking to the NOM site links to advocacy against a group. That has to go away and go away quickly.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

From: Christopher
Subject: Offensive banner ads
To: support@fanfiction.com
Date: Wednesday, December 2, 2009, 10:31 AM
Dear fanfiction.net:

I love the service you offer, and I appreciate that it has to be paid for through advertising sales. However, nearly every banner ad currently in circulation is run by a hideously bigoted lobbying group: National Organization for Marriage. I'm afraid I simply can't use your service if it's paid for by peddling bigotry. And judging by the amount of homosexual themed fanfiction listed on your site, I doubt I'm the only one.
Please advise when these banner ads have been taken out of circulation so that I may return to your site.


Bourdain in Melbourne: Live Blogging.

Background: Anthony Bourdain was a chef in Manhattan for 23 years. These days though, he runs the snarkiest travel/foodie show on TV called "No Reservations". His insights are on-point, and his tastes tend to be mine, too. For an idea of the level of snark involved, here's his blog: http://anthony-bourdain-blog.travelchannel.com/

Why do I care about this episode, instead of, say, last week's episode in Chile?

Because I have Australians on my f-list, and if the Australian equivalent of Tony Bourdain did a US show, I'd want to know his impressions of one of my country's fair cities. So, here it is: Tony Bourdain on Melbourne.

He digs the food scene.

Queen Victoria Market. He digs it. Loves that it's more supermarket than chef's hangout. Has a bratwurst for breakfast.

Buddy he's with runs a restaurant called "Half Moon" in a neighborhood called Brighton. Restaurant looks decadently good.

Now he's playing something called "Trugo". He seems to be the only person under 120 who's ever played. But he beats his host.

After Trugo, dinner's on his host. They go to Sydney Road, where they dig the Middle Eastern and North African fare. They nosh on Lebanese and Turkish kebab. In the monologue, though, he mistakes his host's talking about "Football" to mean "Association Football" instead of Australian Rules. I lolled.

Next place for food is what Tony calls "The best Lebanese food I've had outside Beirut". Name of the place is "Rumi's". Chef seems to be quite inventive with the Lebanese culinary canon. Tony's falling all over himself. Calls lamb ribs and quail: "best goddamned thing I've had to eat in Melbourne".

Chinatown's next. "Oldest continuous chinatown on the planet". Tony's Chinatown host talking about (okay, dancing around) the "White Australia" immigration policy, and how after that went away in '73, the food got so much better.

Tony and host are eating Szechuan, and his poor palate is getting its ass kicked by the heat. "Better than some I've had in China" is his reaction. Name of the place is Dae Ti Szechuan.

After Chinatown, Tony goes out to the sticks. Hasn't left Victoria, but he flew out of Melbourne. Name of the town in Dunkeld in southwest Victoria in the Grampiens, and he's at a restaurant called "Royal Mail". Okay, restaurant, farm, hotel, wine cellar... And as much as he's fallen all over himself at the other places, this might be his favorite. And from the look of the food (and the running commentary), I'd be on the next plane to Victoria just to eat there if I could afford it. Which I probably couldn't even if I lived next door.

(Commercial bump says he's going to thrown shrimps on a barbeque. *facepalm*)

Which, in fact, he does. But he doesn't make any cracks about it, except for the ironic commercial bump. This is the obligatory big communal meal party thing. Nothing much to see. And then it's over.



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